Individual Monitoring Committee

The Individual Monitoring Committee oversees the PhD student’s proper pursuit of his/her doctoral training, by relying notably upon the Doctoral Charter and the doctoral training agreement. The committee can be requested to meet by the PhD student or his/her Thesis Supervisor(s) at any time during the thesis.

At least once yearly, the committee meets with the PhD student, who presents an activity report. During this meeting, the committee assesses the student’s training conditions and the research progress made. It then proposes recommendations and furnishes a “reregistration recommendation” to the Doctoral School Director, the PhD student and the Thesis Supervisor(s).

It also acts against any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment. The committee comprises at least two persons not involved in the thesis and not belonging to the Thesis Supervisor’s research team, with at least one person from outside the registration institution; these persons must be named at the time of registration by the Doctoral School Director, upon the concerted recommendation of both the Director(s) of the Research Unit and the Thesis Supervisor(s).


Individual Monitoring Committee (CSI) form

The PhD student’s CSI must transmit its report to the doctoral school’s site office no later than 29 June 2018.

CSI form